About Elevator

The Idea Expo was a one of a kind event which focuses on the journey beneath the iceberg, where the invisible, concealed efforts put behind solving a problem faced by the society is hidden from the rest of the world. The aim of this event is to nurture start-up ideas by young, aspiring entrepreneurs, and usher them into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with the help of invaluable advice and guidance from eminent personalities in this field. Elevator gives these aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to interact with distinguished mentors, investors and established entrepreneurs, and even receive funding from them. During the two days, they are guided by experts, given invaluable advice and constructive feedback, and get the opportunity to network with a diverse group of people. The event culminated in the Business Plan Pitching session, where the top 15 startups pitch their ideas in front of a panel of extremely reputed angel investors and mentors and answer their challenging questions.


Event Reviews

I would give you 7.5/10 on your inputs, which is brilliant. Pulling off such an event is commendable. I’m glad to have been a part of BizTatva and look forward to continue my association with EDC over a long horizon.

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Gaurav Kapoor Executive Director, Innokul

B-plan events at commerce colleges are myopic usually because of the limited technical skillset that the stream provides. But the format adopted by EDC for their event, The Pitch at BizTatva eliminated this drawback so well and in fact made the event interesting throughout the 3 days of its run.

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Alkesh Agarwal Co-founder & CEO, Refeel & Clublaptop

I have been associated with EDC since its inception. And the growth that EDC has displayed is tremendous. From a stand-alone intra-college business plan event to a 4 day National Entrepreneurial Simulation Convention. It has been an out-of-the-world experience.

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Mahul Brahma Head-Corporate Communications and Branding at mjunction

The Pitch at BizTatva has been one of the greatest business plan events I have been a part of, in terms of format. I was doubtful about its execution, but the EDC members were confident and the same reflected on the day of the event where everything was so professional and smooth. Didn’t look like a first-time event at all.

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Saumyajit Guha COO, Calcutta Angels

EDC has been the most beautiful journey of my life. Right from day one, you get the feel of a startup along with a vision to take it to heights unfathomable. The growth opportunities here were immense, which started with expanding horizons through interaction with students from various disciplines to maintaining unity in diversity. The best thing was to start from zero, a clean slate. It offered flexibility of designing new events without questioning our ability to pull it off. Ultimately, EDC was like living on the edge of a cliff and I am happy to have pulled it off.

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Hardik Bothra Event Planning Head & Core Committee Member (2015-16)