Fusebox was born with one simple mission – bring a smart and fresh approach to design communication to help brands connect with consumers.

I have worked in the advertising industry as a startup for over 2 years now. This experience gave me an insight into a few things which were lacking in the design sector, especially in Kolkata. In this city, one can never complain about a lack of creative juice, but when those ideas are being crafted into visuals or any physical form, it lacks the smartness, with obvious exceptions of course. The industry needs a mega surge of freshness and youth. This is where Fusebox comes in.

It was always baffling to see brands to the creative agencies in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore their branding and such. With this start up I hope to give brands from Mumbai and Bangalore a reason to look towards Kolkata for their design solutions. That being said, it is of course way easier said than done to build a foundation on which you can stand and challenge any design house in the country with respect to the quality of work, but after two years of grinding, Fusebox have started gaining speed nationally.

With Fusebox, I look at giving our clients a quality of design support which can easily pass of work done by an international agency. This is one of the reasons I like working with new brands, giving them an all-round branding solution from the ground up, because at Fusebox we believe that a smart and strategic branding has a big role to play in giving brands the push it needs to take off.

At just 2 years old, Fusebox is very young and there is a lot to learn and achieve. Like the saying goes, the world is our oyster.