Actuators, FOUNDERS: Praveen Sancheti and Praveen Patwari

Praveen Sancheti and Praveen Patwari started actuaries in their second year of the college.They both were determined to do something big. They never wanted to blend in because they believe that we are all meant to stand out.

They saw the scope in the field of actuaries, with a few coaching centers for the aspiring students in the field. So they decided to start a small coaching center for the students like them. ACTUATORS, which started with three students, now has five hundred plus students. This was possible because of the determination, grit and most importantly hard work and trust which they got from their students. They always say that they are not the best but it is their students who make them the best!

For starting anything new one must first know and understand the problem which exists in our everyday lives and then try to find a solution to it. Sancheti and Patwari saw the problem and hence found a solution to it by providing the quality service. Risk is the most important factor in any startup. You are rewarded only when you are strong enough to take the risk. Financial risk is one thing and the courage to handle the pressure is other.

They had all in themselves to establish one of the largest center in kolkata for the aspiring students in field of actuaries, ACTUATORS.